Sahil Gaadhave

Sahil is a case of birth asphyxia along with meconium stained liquor, diagnosed as MR with hypertonic  quadriplegicCP. The child was already 13-year-old when he joined Dr. Vasa and his contracture at lumbar pelvis hip knee ankle was at its worst condition.

Sahil - before VASA CONCEPT

At age 13, Sahil was like a log just lying supine.  He had severe hip knee flexion contracture along with delayed milestones.  His mouth remained open all the time and he used to drool nonstop.

Following is an account of observation made by Sahil's parents over the years while being treated with VASA CONCEPT


  • Jan-Dec

    Visible Progress:

    • He could not hold his neck properly before.  Now he can hold it straight.
    • He did not have any shape to his body.  Now after he began doing cobra, his shoulders have broadened and chest and abdomen have got into shape.
    • His hand movements have become more fluid.  They are not stiff as before.
    • He can now play tablaa.
    • His elbows were very pointed before, they had no shape as such and it would hurt.  Now they look like a normal elbow.
    • His knees were also pointed and did not have the normal round shape.  With madam’s exercise, the shape of his knees is becoming normal.
    • He could never sit in cross leg posture; he used to remain only supine, now he can sit in cross leg posture.
    • Earlier it was difficult to put him in namaaz posture.  Now he sits easily in namaaz posture and puts his hands behind and takes weight on his hands.
    • Earlier he could not sit in cross leg posture even for 5 minutes, now he can sit even for the whole day.
    • He had no shape to his legs, after one leg cobra he started developing his calf muscles.  Thigh muscles also developed.  His hip girth also improved.


  • Jan-Dec

    • Visible Progress:

    • While doing reverse table we had to lift him up, now he can do this on his own. He lifts his body up.
    • He could not sit cross leg at all; now he can sit cross leg and also move in the same posture to go towards the cupboard.
    • His mouth used to remain wide open and he had a loose jaw.  Now the frequency of keeping the mouth open has reduced.
    • Earlier he used to cry a lot while doing ball exercises, now he does them well and also takes weight on hands.
    • He used to cry a lot while exercising; now he cries only if it really hurts.
    • Earlier he used to frequently fall sick, now he rarely has any health problems.
    • He couldn’t hold anything with his hands; he had no grip.  Now after starting games with picking raajma, wheat, clay, tearing paper etc, he has now developed gripping of his fingers.
    • In 2007-2008, there were lots of changes in his body because of the exercises.
    • He is doing the activities better than before.  There is lot of improvement in his hands.
    • His height increased by 1 feet after starting the rod and step exercises.


  • Jan-Dec

    • Visible Progress:

    •     He couldn’t eat anything with his own hands.  Now he eats biscuit and chapatti with his own hands.  He used to eat rice with spoon before, now he picks up rice with two fingers and eats.
    •     Earlier in cross leg posture his knees used to be at a higher level , almost close to his shoulders; now his knees are almost touching the ground and he can sit comfortably in cross leg posture.
    •     After starting the cycling exercise his legs have become more straight.  The hip knee contracture is reducing.
    •     He can control his trunk better in sand.
    •     His skin was all blackish before; now the skin has become more clean and color has lightened.
    •     Sahil had a good memory and he did understand things, but now he has become more clever and intelligent.
    •     His heels were also pointed; since we have started making him stand in the sand, his heels are becoming flat.


  • Jan-Dec

    • Visible Progress:

    • His collar bone has become visible now.
    • His peripheral blood vessels are also visible now.
    • His head circumference has increased now.  Before his head looked small as compared to rest of the
    • body.
    • He can do dog to cobra and camel very well now.
    • His spine was tilted more towards left side; that has become normal.
    • His legs used to remain in “L” shape, so much was his contracture. That has started to straighten now.
    • His whole body has become loose than before.
    • He has become very social.
    • We have started making him stand using crutches.  His knees remain flexed because of the severe contracture that he had but he tries to straighten the knees by taking weight on his hands.

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