Pratham Goher
Pratham Goher

Pratham is a case of sequelae within both cerebral hemispheres of a previous encephalitic insult which is likely to have occurred around the time of first MRI study performed at 2 months of age.  The sequelae include significant cortical atrophy particularly in the frontal lobe with bilateral severe hypomyelination or gliosis in the underlying white matter, global hypomyelination and symmetric foci of ?hemorrhagic necrosis in the thalami (?infectious encephalitis -viral-Japanese B or acute necrotizing encephalopathy of infancy).  He started with Vasa Therapy at age 3 years.

Pratham - before VASA CONCEPT

Pratham had very weak immunity and required frequent hospitalizations and nebulizations for recurrent cough and cold.  He was given IV doses of antiepileptic drugs at age 2 months and since then continued with antiepileptics until age 3.  Pratham remained drowsy all the time, was unable to sit by himself, unable to stand by himself, scissoring of legs, continued to have jerks, had very less usage of his left hand to pick up objects, had drooling, fisting of both hands, hip knee flexion contracture, recurrent respiratory tract infections requiring nebulizations until he joined Dr. Vasa in April 2012 at age 3. 

Following are the observations made by Pratham’s parents within a time span of less than a year of treatment with VASA CONCEPT.


  • May - Jun

    Visible Progress

    • Pratham started treatment under Dr. Vasa’s guidance at age 3 years in April 2012.  Now he is about to complete 1 year of treatment under her guidance and I see that Pratham has made huge improvement.
    • Within 2 weeks of starting therapy with Dr. Vasa, Pratham began to sit which he had never done till date.  He used to extend his back so forcefully that we could not make him sit.
    • Now, He could maintain in sitting posture for few minutes.  He began to sit on the floor to have his food; previously as he had no trunk control, we would spoon feed him in supine posture. This progress within 2 weeks was unbelievable.  After joining Dr. Vasa, when my wife started working with Pratham, the bonding between the child and the mother improved, his brain chemistry became positive as he was in familiar hands and exercises became play for him as his mother would actively make it playful without forcing any exercises on him. This was the reason I suppose we got quick results.
    • Pratham looks more alert than before.  He is conveying his requirements by crying.
    • Pratham used to get small jerks for which he has been under antiepileptic drugs from age 2 months until 3 years. Pratham remained drowsy all the time.  We were frightened to discontinue the drugs as the doctors had told us that discontinuing the drugs will further worsen the condition of our child.  When we visited Dr. Vasa for the first time, she said under the effect of heavy drugs that make him drowsy, you are compromising on fast growth of the developing brain.
    • After discontinuing the medicines, initially the frequency of jerk’s increased from 10-15 frequency to 20-25 per day, we were frightened but then Dr. Vasa told us that as his brain and body develops, this is going to reduce; keep patience. 
    • Doctor also advised us to keep him on the floor (properly protected) so that he gets maximum view of the surroundings and he will have to hold his neck and trunk up in order to see the family members.  On the floor, he also gets a chance to make maximum movements and full exposure to learn from the environment.  Besides, keeping the child on height on our bed puts him at risk of falling off when he rolled.  Dr. Vasa insisted, if you are all the time going to carry the child in your lap, or make him lie down in a corner of your home, you are actually cutting him off from the surrounding environment, and hence reducing his exposure to learning and brain development.
    • Previously whenever we tried to do something with Pratham or get him into any posture, his pelvis and back would simply go into hyperextension, this also made it difficult for us to handle him and it was hard for him to sit.  By putting him into Buddha and Namaaz posture on floor with hand support, his tendency to go into hyperextension has began to reduce.
    • He is also sitting nicely in Namaaz posture now.
    • Pratham doesn’t cry any more while doing ball balancing.  He tries to balance his trunk when the ball is moved in different directions.
    • His jerks have not stopped completely, but now he cries when he gets jerks.  He realizes now that something is happening to him. Now my child has begun to stay alert rather than staying drowsy under the effect of medications.
    • Now he does dog to cobra very well.   Sometimes he tries to do on his own.
    • Pratham still can’t come to sitting on his own but if we make him sit, he sits for half an hour, at times he does fall.  He is not able to maintain his balance while sitting.
    • Pratham is trying to crawl but he is unable to do so and he sits down instead.
    • Pratham has now begun babbling 4-5 words.
  • Jul - Aug

    Visible Progress

    • Pratham stays more alert than before.
    • Pratham now eats only if his mother feeds him.  He sleeps with only his mother.  Now he realizes the presence of his mother.
    • Pratham cries a lot while getting into camel posture.  Still there is lot of tightness at his ankles.
    • Pratham still continues to get jerks, but the number of jerks has reduced.  He now gets around 6-8 jerks.  Dr. Vasa explained us as that as his brain is going to develop, eventually the problem of jerks is going to end. No other doctor that we ever visited explained us in such depth about the condition and prognosis of our child.
    • If we show some toy to Pratham, he immediately tries to move forward from Namaaz posture.  He takes 4-5 steps doing bunny hop kind of movement.
    • Pratham has begun to get up and sit on his own now.  Now he gets into dog posture from Namaaz posture on his own very frequently.
    • Pratham now gets hold of table or chair around and comes into kneeling posture with support of the chair or table.  We are so happy that our child is learning new things.  Dr. Vasa also explains to all parents time and again that we need to connect the body, the brain, and the gravity; this is how a normal child grows.  Doctor says we can help all delayed milestone children to connect the brain and body with gravity through different postures that can make child develop from within for physical independence and development of higher faculties.
    • Pratham is becoming more and more active.  He now gets up spontaneously from Namaaz posture to dog posture to kneeling posture.  He keeps making some or other movement throughout the day and keeps moving in the house.
    • Pratham now has begun using his left hand; previously he used to keep his left hand tightly fisted only.  With active loading of hands through the postures shown by Dr. Vasa, his hands now remain open and he can use them to do various activities.
    • Pratham’s understanding has improved a lot.  Now he tries to actively do his exercises.
    • Now he eats well, drinks well, sleeps well.
    • In the month of August, Pratham began crawling.  He moves forward 13-14 steps on his own. 
    • His sitting balance has improved.
    • Pratham now understands what we are talking about.  He cries and forces us to take him out of home in the garden.
    • He likes to do cycling. 
    • Pratham doesn’t like to get into cobra posture on floor; he immediately comes into dog posture.  But if I put television on, he does cobra on floor too.
    • Pratham has become very mischievous and playful now.
  • Sep - Dec

    Visible Progress

    • His sitting has improved and he even tries to get up on his own.
    • Now he frequently tries to get into kneeling posture.
    • Now he crawls and roams about in whole house. 
    • Pratham now stands on his knees. 
    • Now he doesn’t like to lay idle.  He either sits or crawls.
    • Pratham doesn’t get jerks any more.  Previously he used to get 15-20 jerks in a day.  Now he has had none for last 2-3 weeks.
    • Pratham is trying hard to get into standing posture.  He gets hold of anything around and tries to cling upon and stand with its support; Pratham is standing but on his toes.
    • Now he has started liking little spicy food.  Previously we used to give him bland diet.  Now he eats what other family members eat at home.  Now we don’t need to cook separate food for him.
    • Pratham doesn’t rest in one place.  He keeps crawling throughout the home, he tries to come into kneeling and get into standing posture.
    • Pratham’s intelligence has now improved.  He waves his hand to say bye bye when his father goes to work.  He now lets us know if he is injured by pointing at the injury with his finger.  His body has become less spastic and so he can make more movements now.


  • Jan - Mar

    Visible progress

    • Pratham now is trying a lot to come into standing posture.
    • Pratham now sits and eats peacefully.
    • Pratham’s feet are somewhat flat on floor while standing; this is because his ankle tightness has reduced.
    • Pratham is now playful throughout the day, keeps roaming here and there throughout the day.
    • Pratham now stands and maintains standing for 5-10 minutes.
    • Pratham’s  jerks have totally stopped now.  He has not had any jerks for last 2 months now.  Previously he used to get them intermittently.
    • Pratham gets hold of window or bed and gets into standing posture.
    • He is standing good and keeps his trunk straight while standing in sand.
    • We are very happy to see that our child is now standing with support and soon he will be able to walk.  When we joined Dr. Vasa, our son used to simply roll over on the floor in circular movement; that was the only movement he did.  He couldn’t sit, stand or walk independently. Now he has improvement in all the above aspects.  Now within 1 year of treatment with Dr. Vasa, he has begun crawling, sits in Namaaz posture, sits in Buddha posture independently. He tries to stand up by himself with support; he has achieved neck control, so now there is no drooping of head; improved hand movements, there is no more fisting of hands, he can pick up toys, play with toys, catch the ball, his focusing also has improved.
    • Previously his left hand use was very less; was not able to hold anything at all. Now he can hold objects with left hand and keep them for more than one minute, his grip has improved.
    • Now he moves his body by giving a push off with his foot.  Previously he was not able to do so due to the stiffness present at ankle and foot.
    • Previously we used to feed him in sleeping position from the age of 1 year till 3 years and he used to drool a lot.  He was not able to chew and simply gulped down the food.  Now he is able to eat and drink in sitting position and there is no more drooling as he has achieved good head neck control. Now he even chews the food few times while eating as the spasticity of the jaw muscles has reduced.

    Pratham could only rarely roll over when he joined us in April 2012.  He gradually learned to sit with support, crawl, kneeling, come into hanuman posture and then stand with support. This is a huge improvement within one year.  You can see such a speedy recovery only with Vasa Concept.

    • Pratham kneeling to throw ball
    • Pratham independent activity pulling out drawer
    • Pratham independent crawling
    • Pratham sittting independently
    Pratham Trunk control on Ball

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