Yash Shetye
Yash Shetye

Yash's History

Yash was born on 15 March 2003. He was 15 days premature. Actually they were twin babies, but another one's development was stopped in uterus at 6th month.

After birth Yash was crying very well. Second day, child specialist Dr. Bedekar checked him & suggested to take the baby under incubator as he found symptoms of convulsions in baby. So Yash got treatment under observation of Dr. Bedekar for 15days. Then we brought him home. But after five days Yash suffered from fever and developed rash on his whole body so again we hospitalized him, even after four days of treatment, no improvement observed in his health. His fever increased up to 100-102 degree F. So we took decision to consult child specialist Dr. Prakash Sanghavi at Kolhapur. On 3rd April 2003 Yash was admitted in Sanghavi Hospital.

Dr. Sanghavi's diagnosed that Yash had suffered from viral infection & Meconium Aspiration Syndrome & Neonatal Septicemia & Ascitis & Neonatal Hepatitis & Bilateral large frontal & parietal paren-cephalic cysts with wide spread encephalomyelitis. In Sanghavi Hospital Yash took treament for 28 days then we got discharge. There were 10 to 15 types of orally administered medicines thrice in day.

At the age of 3.5 month Yash suffered from left side 'inguinoscrotal hernia' Operation was done by Dr. Santosh Patil [Kolhapur].

From date 09/10/2003 Yash was given treatment for vision by Dr.Pritam Shaha at Kolhapur & Dr. Milind Killedar at Sangali. Both doctors said that Yash will definitely improve on ability to follow light & objects.

From reference of Dr.Sanghavi, on 05/02/2004 we went to Mumbai & got checked up from Dr. Udani [peadiatric nuerology & Epilepsy] at Hinduja Hospital but he did not give us any hope. He advised to continue the physiotheropy treatment to Yash.

We went for physiotherapy from Dr. Mrs. Mrunal Davjekar at Kolhapur. Once in month we had to go to Kolhapur & as per her guidelines exercise were continued.

We also took physiotherapy treatment from Dr. Asha Chitnis Mumbai. Fifteen days in a month we used to stay back at Bombay for the physiotherapy in her clinic, for rest of the days in a month & as per her guidelines exercise were continued at Ratnagiri. They prescribed Pacitane & Lioresal for muscle relaxation, he felt giddiness from drug.

In addition we also took the Ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Koli for 2 years. No much improvement was noticed even after 4 years of age .

Homeopathic treatment from Dr. Prafulla Vijaykar at Mumbai, [Parle] for 15 months, but other medical complications developed. Like cough, fever etc. but no improvement observed in Yash whatsoever.

As physiotherapy treatment was going on at home it was not sufficient (as there was no physiotherapy center in Ratnagiri) we decided to stay at Kolhapur. For one month we took physiotherapy in Kolhapur  but Yash did not get accustomed to the environment  & in the meantime new physiotherapy center  opened in Ratnagiri.  So we again took decision  & shifted him  to Ratnagiri.

We also took Ayurvedic treatment of Dr. Balaji Tambe from Lonavala.[Karla] since Dec2007  for 15 month, due to this treatment  yash's stool problem got solved & he slept well at night . But no progress observed in Yash's mental and physical health.

Four times Yash was hospitalised due to convulsion [July2008, Aug08, Oct08, and July 09] at Parkar Hospital Ratnagiri and so doses of Topirol & Encorate was started to Yash untill  April 2009 (till we got appointment with Dr. Rajul Vasa)

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