Chaitanya Mehta
Chaitanya Mehta

Chaitanya's History

Chaitanya is a full term baby. My labor was prolonged and stressful & the baby was not pushing so it was a forcep baby.  During the 9 months of pregnancy there were no chief complaints. I had no mental or physical stress.At the time of birth baby’s cry was low and the baby got pale and dull at the time of birth.His weight at birth was 6.25 pounds.  He was not able to suck milk after birth andwe tried to feed with spoon but he refused it. He used to vomitquite often (Brownish Color). Baby was quiet & not really active.

After around 28 hours the nurse noticed the baby was getting convulsions & checked the sugar level which was too low and he went into hypoglycemia (Sugar 37) and multiple convulsions. He was admitted to NICU for 15 days.He was treated with antibiotics after which he did not get any convulsions. His movement was nil for first few days after which it slowly revived.Initially he was given expressed breast milk and afterwards was given top feedings.



  • HEAD HOLDING – 8-9 MONTHS (But still keeps towards leftside)


At the time of birth, when he was admitted to NICU due to convulsion we had some clue that he might face some brain related problem in the future and the doctors also had suggested to do MRI. But then at that very moment we just wanted him to be discharged & taken home.

When he was 3-4 months old, he was not at all holding his head so we consulted our pediatrician and at that time she suggested physiotherapy for him.  We started physio at Jaslok when he was around 5-6 months old where they explained us that because of convulsion he might achieve all his milestones late.

The doctor said we don’t know about his future or his growth; he might remain slow for the rest of his life as his brain might be damaged which is difficult to be revived.

I was too tensed after hearing that, but then the only thing that came to my mind was that though he will do it late but atleast he should do everything. He should be independent by the time he becomes 4-5 yrs old and should start understanding things. Since all the members of the family loveChaitanya very much since he is the first child after his dad’s birth, initially the expectations were high from him as all other children, but gradually they accepted that he will be slow but he will do everything.

Chaitanya underwent various therapies viz physiotherapy at Jaslok for about 4-5 months, then we stopped after 3 months & then we started at Dr. Medini’s centre for about 6 months, sensory integration for 1.5 – 2 months & speech therapy for 1 month, accupressure for 4.5  months.

He was given antibiotics in NICU but after discharge it was discontinued. He was also given Calcimax for few months.No medicines were given after that except for homeopathic & BRENTO ayurvedic syrup .

By looking at him, nobody would come to know that there is anything wrong with him, and those who knew that he has delayed milestones sympathized by saying “that’s ok, he is a smart child, will copeup sooner or later”. He started standing on his own in August 2010 but used to fall down within few seconds when he began with.  By September 2010 he walked 2-3 steps and used to fall down.  While falling down he had a particular pattern, he kept his head down while falling. He also was afraid of any stranger touching him.  Though he was not able to do puzzles, or rings or sorting or beading, I feel that was because of his weak eye-hand co-ordination.  He is a smart child but very lazy one.  He used to get tired soon and because of this he would not be ready to do any activity.  While sitting, he did throw himself back.  He was given medications for his convulsions which had a toxic effect on his GI tract.  which resulted in him not willing to eat or drink even water.  He also needed to be told one task about 8-9 times only then he would do it, or sometimes he might not even follow the task despite telling him 8-9 times.  He was unable to follow the given commands at one go.  He had very little speech and said mamma, papa, dada etc.  He used to fall quite often. After frequent intervals he preferred to liedown as though he was very tired. Especially while reading books. He walks without support at home but not outside on the roads. He is less sensitive to pain. Even if he falls very hard he will not cry much though he has got huge hurt. At times he even bangs his head on the floor or on the wall.  His eyes were not straight initially, but now they are quite better. His concentration is very low.  He had very weak eye-hand co-ordination. He did not look and do thing e.g.: While throwing the ball, he would not look at the ball.  He never demands for food and water.

He does things which have been taught to him, but does not learn new things on his own; expresses himself to a smallerextent.Loves books, animals & enjoys with all family members. But he does not like strangers touching him or carrying him.He is still confused between yes & no.He keeps his mouth open & drools at times.He sleeps a lot-around 12-14 hrs/day.

This was Chaitanya before joining Dr. Rajul Vasa.  Now, he is confident little gentleman who can talk sentences, who can walk alone at his home, on the roads, go upstairs alone, go downstairs.  He is no more afraid of any strangers.  His digestion has improved, concentration has improved. Now he can follow two commands at a time.  His tendency to throw his back backwards has vanished totally. Looking at him gives us the confidence that our child is noway less than a normal child.

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