Hast Shah
Hast Shah

Hast's History

Hast is born on 12th July 2002. He is a premature baby by 26 days and was 1.75kg. He is an IVF baby. During pregnancy I had many complications like high blood sugar at the 3rd month and hypertension at 6th month, also pedal edema towards the end of the term. His NST count went down, so the doctor did C-section and saw that there was fecal matter inside and he was immediately admitted to Hinduja hospital in PICU for ten days. There his full body was examined and they treated his platelet count which was found to be low.

Hast got jaundice after 3 days. He was under Dr. Sonu Udani’s treatment. She told to come after a month but we couldn’t go as I was suffering from malaria then. At three months of age he got bronchitis attack with full day vomiting followed by fever of 102 degrees at night which was treated at the hospital.  Every month we took him to pediatrician for vaccine and routine checkup. But she never mentioned us that something is wrong with him. Everything was age-appropriate except that he couldn’t sit and crawl.

After 8 months also he was not able to sit independently but because he was weak physically, everyone used to tell us he will learn little late.  After 11 months we again went to Dr. Sonu Udani she diagnosed him and told that he is a CP child with dystonia.  I started physiotherapy in Hinduja hospital regularly 2-3 times a week {but no one told us or explained us what exactly C.P. is and the seriousness of it).  Nobody in our family was aware of any such thing and we were totally blank. Gradually after few months we were little bit aware but we actually got worried when he was 2 ½-year-old.  At age of 2, he underwent  surgery to correct the squint in his eye. Since even after 2 years of therapy he was not sitting, so we went for Botox to the lower limb as we were told that he would sit within 4 months after Botox was given.  The doctor did give him Botox for sitting but didn’t cast him. After 4 months also he could not sit then I asked the physiotherapist why couldn’t he sit? She told that you are lucky that he has not tightened otherwise every six months Botox. Then I left the physiotherapy.

Then we went for Neurotherapy for 10 months.  From this he benefited in terms of reduced bronchitis attacks and clear bowels, but again no improvement in terms of sitting was achieved.

 Then we went for Kerala therapy for 18 months.  In this he benefited in slight sitting posture and standing with full back support, but again while standing his toes touched the ground and not the sole of the foot.

Then I went to Dr. Ashok Johari for 2 years. He gave him Botox at the age of 5 years but Hast did not get vigorous physiotherapy because the person coming home was very irregular. Since the age of 4 he was going to nursery. He enjoyed going to nursery but had lack of awareness of bowel and bladder reflexes.

Again we went to Dr. Udhani for his medication treatment but it did not suit him. He was very uncomfortable. He called us again after 3 months and asked us about his improvement. Then he asked his age and told that if he is not sitting independently at the age of 5 ½ years then he will never sit in his life. We were shocked and depressed but we did not give up the hopes.   Again he was given Botox injection to both his upper limb as well as lower limb at this time and was undergoing physiotherapy but there was no remarkable improvement.  By this time he made us aware the seriousness of this problem. Due to lack of family support I could not devote full time to him. We also took him to speech therapist & gradually he started speaking few words.  We also started sending him to a special school and he also got quite settled and adjusted to the school environment.  Here I would also like to mention that at age of 2 years, ophthalmologist had given him spectacles which he didn’t wear anytime as he was very uncomfortable with it.  Even then he has been seeing things quite well and has been appearing and doing well in his exams till date.

One fine day in May 2009, God sent his friend as an angel, Mr. Janakbhai who told us about Rajul madam creating miracles. Hast has been lucky enough to be selected by Dr. Vasa. From that day onwards till now, we have seen many changes in our child and we are completely satisfied with her treatment and dedicated nature towards the cerebral palsy children and we have tried to follow her instructions cent percent. Whereever and to whichever doctor I took my child to, nobody ever bothered to open his tight fist which is the most important thing for the child to do any activity.  I was impressed when Dr. Vasa told us that first thing we have to do is work towards opening of his fist.  Then there were many things that we found were unique in her treatment such as chest pumping, special diet for the children, exercises which were meant for weight bearing which would automatically help the muscles to develop rather than the passive exercises which we had been doing till now.We found tremendous change in our child’s development, which was impossible in other therapy.  He is able to sit straight without support for some time, his muscles have developed, his hands have opened, no fisting any more, his immunity power has increased, his squint has almost disappeared, he is trying to speak sentences and that too loudly.  He is also trying to stand and now his feet are not tip-toed like before, he keeps them flat on the floor. I would also like to mention that during the first 10 days of his life that he was hospitalized, the doctors did some tests for which they collected skin and other tissue from the sacral region. This wound never healed since then. Now, at the age of 10 years after starting with Rajul madam’s therapy since one year this wound is almost 80% healed now. Dr. Vasa’s therapy helps every system of the body.


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