• Jan - Jul

    Visible Progress

    • Nowadays he starts crying suddenly as if he is having some pain. Earlier he used to forget very quickly if something goes wrong. (If he got hurt or something). Now he keeps on crying for longer duration of time.
    • He keeps on thinking something.
    • He has also developed the sense of ill feeling and does a particular face as if he has felt ill and shows that he feels like crying.
    • He is moving in the whole house in sitting position.
    • He babbles a lot.
    • Vivan's back is more straight than earlier.
    • His thigh muscles and knees look stronger and developed.
    • He screams a lot and has become mischievous.
    • He moves around everywhere in the house. He opens the drawers and removes the things out.
    • He can manage his legs to come into kneeling position. He has done the same thing on the grill of our main door. Some kids were playing outside and vivan wanted to see them. He went near the door hold the grill and he stood on his knees for 3-4 seconds.
    • Now he never allows his head to bang on the floor. At times we feel that he is falling but he has good control on his head.
    • While doing activities, he picked up the correct thing for about 60-65%. His understanding is improved.
    • He claps his hands when we ask him to do that.
    • When we ask him to give a hi-five, he smiles and bangs his hand on our hand.
    • In exercise, he doesn't stand for longer duration of time.
    • He sits down slowly during standing.
    • We had been to play park. Once there Vivan took a ride on the horse, on the merry-go-round. He tried 2-3 different types of rides over there.
    • In standing, at times he is locking his left leg. So we have to tap on his knees. Standing capacity is increased. At times we can leave him alone on the walker, but we have to keep checking his position of legs (that he is not locking the feet).
    • It seems his understanding is improved a lot. Though he cannot express but we feel that he understands better.
    • His arms and shoulder muscles are improved. He takes good weight on his hands. At times, he stays independently while taking weight on the hands.
    • He tries to communicate also. He tries to talk by using different sounds.

    His arms and shoulder muscles are improved. He takes good weight on his hands. At times, he stays independently while taking weight on the hands.

  • Jul - Dec

    • He is able to stand in the corner with support.
    • He is now able to stand erect with little support at the pelvis.
    • From Hanuman posture he gets up to reach to the toys.
    • He can stand for longer duration holding any tube or cloth which is hanging.
    • While sitting, the shape of his back is straighter.
    • From Namaaz posture, he tries to come on the knee with the support of the window.
    • He is screaming loudly to attract attention of family members.
    • He has become more focused.  Whatever he wants he tries hard to reach to the object.
    • He remains active all the time doing something or the other.
    • His understanding has improved a lot.  Now when I get ready and pick up my purse, he makes gestures to let me know that he too wants to come along.
    • Now he quickly picks up the ball while bending.
    • Now he concentrates and looks down into the tablet to see the nursery rhymes.
    • In Buddha posture on ball, he is performing very well.
    • His thigh muscles have improved.
    • He does drool a lot when exercising, but when he is sitting idle or watching TV, he doesn’t drool anymore.
    • His concentration has improved and he now watches educational CDs with more interest.
    • His eye contact has improved. 
    • In dog to cobra posture, when we tickle him to come into dog posture, we can see action happening at his gluteal muscles.


  • Jan - Mar

    • He is making loud noise when he is happy.
    • Now he is babbling meaningful small words like pa-pa, pi-pi and he speaks clear.
    • He now stands for fraction of seconds by himself when he is unaware that we are not holding him.
    • Vivan is holding grill of the door and comes on his knees faster than earlier.
    • Nowadays he looks more upwards and tries to maintain his posture erect; previously he used to constantly look down at the floor.
    • Vivan is very cheerful at school. 
    • Vivan had sports day in his school in the month of February. He won 1st prize in two competitions.  Competition was to throw the ball, blast the balloon and water play.  We were so delighted.  Until last year, he could not concentrate at anything, be it game or studies.  This year he won a prize for us.  We are very happy.
    • His body looks more muscular now.  All his muscles are developing.
    • He is trying to maintain erect posture while sitting and standing.

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